Exertion Interfaces

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Floyd giving talk at London Knowledge Lab

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London Knowledge Lab

Floyd will give a talk at the London Knowledge Lab. Details and talk announcement below...

Exertion Games - Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller

What: LKL External Seminar Series:
Where: London Knowledge Lab, large seminar room
Date: Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
Time: 1pm
Cost: Free, open to the public (BYOL - Bring your own lunch)

Exertion games are games that require intense physical effort and it is believed that they facilitate not only physical health, but also more social play than traditional computer games. Over several years, Floyd has investigated the influence of technology design on exertion interactions. His research has contributed to an understanding of how people play computationally-augmented exertion games and how we can support exertion and social play in future designs. Floyd’s research has produced several prototypes, including: ‘Jogging over a Distance’, a system that allows joggers who are located in different cities to communicate with each other while jogging; ‘Table Tennis for Three’ - a system that enables three distributed table tennis players to play against each other in real time; and, ‘mousegrip’ - a low-cost exertion device. Floyd will demonstrate some of these systems during the seminar.

Floyd is a Visiting Fellow at the London Knowledge Lab, funded by the UbiComp Grand Challenge. Over one month, he will collaborate with the Designing Tangible for Learning project and investigate how learning concepts and exertion aspects can be combined to promote physically activity. While at the LKL, Floyd is running several experiments with his ‘Jogging over a Distance’ system between Melbourne Australia and London UK – investigating how joggers communicate with each other through a spatialized audio channel which is affected by the joggers’ heart rate. Floyd will demonstrate the system and describe what happened during the evaluation this week.

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller has a Masters in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab, and is a PhD candidate with the Interaction Design Group, University of Melbourne. He used to run the Connecting People group at Australia’s premiere research organisation CSIRO with 12 staff, and is now a Fellow with Distance Lab, UK, a Microsoft Research Asia Fellow (he will visit Microsoft Beijing after this trip), and will be a Fulbright Fellow at Stanford University next year.
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