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Exertion Interfaces mailinglist

Interested in communicating with other researchers in Exertion Interfaces?

Join the mailinglist, which discusses research aspects on what it means to consider Exertion in the design of interactive systems. The mailinglist evolved out of two workshops, Exertion Interfaces CHI ’08 and Exertion Interfaces CHI ’07.

The list is an independent non-profit list, therefore no spam, no ads and no other nonsense.

This list will not clutter your inbox, it is low volume, and contains only discussions and announcements relevant to the Exertion Interfaces community.


To subscribe: email "mailinglistmanager <AT><THIS DOMAIN>" with "subscribe mailinglist<AT><THISDOMAIN> <your email address>"
in the body.
If you want to post something to the list (you have to be a member first), just send email to
mailinglist <AT><THIS DOMAIN>

To unsubscribe: just like subscribing, but use the word "unsubscribe"


Exergames in Australia mailinglist

We are also running a mailinglist for exergames enthusiasts with a particular focus on Australia and New Zealand.

This group is to foster collaboration and help identify funding opportunities between researchers, practitioners and industry folks who have an interest in exergames -computer games that result in physical exertion of the player-, with a special focus on Australia and NZ.

To subscribe, send email to exergames-australia-subscribe <AT> googlegroups <DOT> com
There is a link to unsubscribe at the bottom of every email on this list.
To post, send email to exergames-australia <AT> googlegroups <DOT> com


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Florian 'Floyd' Mueller at the Mobile Health conference 4-5 May 2011 at Stanford University, USA.