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When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.

Joe Paterno
American Heritage, 1998

Alternative Games


Cleptomania is a different game utilizing the same interface that encourages the players to 'steal' blocks from each other, subliminally encouraging watching the other person's actions more closely. All blocks start off with the same color, but based on who hit them, and how hard, they change colors. If a player hits a block for the first time, its color changes to green or orange, depending on which player hit it. This would give the player one point. The other player can 'steal' this block by hitting it harder. If the measured intensity of the impact is higher than the one acquired on the previous impact, the 'owner' of the block switches, indicated by a change in color. For example, if I hit a block it turns green, but if the other player strikes this block harder than I did at any point during the game, it turns orange. Of course, I can regain my ownership by hitting my own blocks harder, making it more difficult for the other player to steal them from me. Again, the difficulty for the players is the trade-off between hitting the targets hard with less accuracy, (meaning they would have to run back further to regain control over the ball) or being more accurate in their shot and requiring less time in between two shots, but not being able to 'secure' the blocks with a dedicated hard impact.

The players play against a stop-watch, which runs on the top of the projection. The winner is the player who colored the most blocks in her/his color before the time limit is up. 10 seconds before the end of the game, a 'bomb ticking' sound indicates the near end of the game.

Playing together against the timeCollaborator

Collaborator is a collaborative game which encourages the players to play together in order to 'break through' to the other remote side. Similar to the Cleptomania game, the blocks change color based on which player hits them. In order to make them disappear, however, a block has to be hit by both players. Otherwise, its color changes back to the neutral blue. For example, if the other player hits a block, it turns orange. If I manage to hit the same block within 3 seconds, it disappears. If I hit another block instead, this block changes its color to green, and has to be hit by the other player. The original block turns back to blue. Only if the two players collaborate and agree with each other which block to hit next, and whose turn it is, they can succeed in making the blocks disappear. As in the Cleptomania game a time limit encourages a fast-paced game. The players share the win if they manage to 'break' all blocks together within the given time frame.