Sunday, October 25, 2009


Week 2 at Microsoft Research Asia

This week, I learned more about the technology researched here, and talked to some very smart people about their work in relation to Exertion Interactions.

I've given a talk about Exertion, on the same day as Desney Tan's talk, which made me think that our work has a lot in common: we are both very interested in a close link between technology and the body, which tries to enhance the bodily action, rather than enabling a reflection on it afterwards, which is more James Landay's work. (I think they can be nicely combined). I call it 'in your face computing', it is on an extreme end of the 'hidden in objects' approach of Weisner's ubiquitous computing.

Also tried to structure design themes: maybe themes are framed based on a lens on Exertion Games depending whether you see them as "exertion play", "socially mediated play" and "rule-based play", similar to what Salen and Zimmerman do to understand games, they also see them from different angles to understand them as a whole (, without infererring that these aspects can be investigated independantly).

Currently still juggling 2 game ideas, need to refine one or combine both.

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