Monday, June 4, 2007


Jogging over a Distance

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Jogging over a Distance

Do you enjoy jogging with others, however, your jogging partner moved away?
We encourage you to try jogging with your partner using a mobile phone and a headset, our research has shown that this can greatly contribute to a joyful jogging experience.

If you have tried running with a mobile phone, we would love to hear your comments!
Please describe your experience:

Was it as good/better/worse than you expected?
Did you jog faster/further/more often than if you would be on your own?
Did you talk most of the time/not at all?
Did the technology work flawlessly?
Would you do it again?

We are interested in your thoughts for our research on social jogging, and would use your replies for writing academic papers. Your feedback will also inform our design for an enhanced Jogging over a Distance system, as mentioned in the link above.

Thank you.


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