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Welcome to Exertion Interfaces

TechNewsDaily reports on Jogging over a Distance

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TechNewsDailyTechNewsDaily reports on Jogging over a Distance as inspired by the talk at Siggraph 2010 in Los Angeles, USA. 


Talk at HCI group Stanford

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HCI Group LogoFlorian 'Floyd' Mueller is giving a talk on Jogging over a Distance at Stanford's HCI Group on 21st of July 2010, a preview of the Siggraph talk the following week in Los Angeles, USA. 


Jogging over a Distance at UIST 2010

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Jogging over a Distance will be presented at UIST (ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology) 2010 in New York, USA. The acceptance rate was only 18%! 


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Mobile Health

Florian 'Floyd' Mueller at the Mobile Health conference 4-5 May 2011 at Stanford University, USA.