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Welcome to Exertion Interfaces

CHI 2011

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CHI2011Designing Sports: A Framework for Exertion Games will be presented at CHI 2011 in Vancouver, Canada, in May 2011. Acceptance rate was only 26%.

This long paper presents an understanding of how designers can approach the design of exertion games, offering insights from the design and teaching of exertion games. This work was done in collaboration with the University of Melbourne, Stanford University, Microsoft Research, the London Knowledge Lab and the University of Technology Sydney.    


Power of Play

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Power of Play

Florian 'Floyd' Mueller speaks at the invite-only Power of Play Summit in San Francisco, USA. Leaders in the areas of fitness, science, health care, game design, video games, and education will converge to talk about the Power of Play, especially active gaming. This summit grows out of a collaborative partnership between the American Heart Association and Nintendo of America.   


Jogging over a Distance at UIST 2010

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Darren Edge from Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing will present Jogging over a Distance at UIST (ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology) 2010 in New York, USA.  


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